Gold price todayGold price Today
1:33:06 AM NY Time
Sunday, January 29, 2023

Gold Spot Price ,Sunday

$0.00 (0%)
Today's Spot Prices Performance:
Open $1,927.96
High $1,927.96
Low $1,927.96

Silver price

$0.00 (0%)
Open $23.60
High $23.60
Low $23.60

24-Hours Performance

24-Hours Performance

Gold Calculator

Gold price today

The current spot price of gold per ounce is $1,927.96. The price of gold per gram is $61.99. When the market opened today, the price of gold was $1,927.96. The highest price that gold reached today was $1,927.96 and the lowest price was $1,927.96.

GoldCurrent priceOpenHighLowChange
24k 1Gram$61.99$61.99$61.99$61.99$0.00
22k 1Gram$56.82$56.82$56.82$56.82$0.00
21k 1Gram$54.24$54.24$54.24$54.24$0.00
18k 1Gram$46.49$46.49$46.49$46.49$0.00
14k 1Gram$36.16$36.16$36.16$36.16$0.00
10k 1Gram$25.83$25.83$25.83$25.83$0.00
100 Gram$6,198.55$6,198.55$6,198.55$6,198.55$0.00

Gold rate in different countries

Gold price in United States$61.99$1,927.96$61,985.51
Gold price in CanadaCA$82.67CA$2,571.23CA$82,666.98
Gold price in United Kingdom£50.03£1,556.06£50,028.51
Gold price in Europe€57.03€1,773.73€57,026.67
Gold price in RussiaRUB 4,384.08RUB 136,360.14RUB 4,384,080.16
Gold price in Saudi ArabiaSAR 232.69SAR 7,237.46SAR 232,689.89
Gold price in United Arab EmiratesAED 227.67AED 7,081.22AED 227,666.58
Gold price in India₹5,052.66₹157,155.26₹5,052,658.97
Gold price in IndonesiaIDR 928,090.45IDR 28,866,839.64IDR 928,090,445.58
Gold price in South Korea₩76,245₩2,371,493₩76,245,277
Gold price in ChinaCN¥420.48CN¥13,078.35CN¥420,478.71
Gold price in BrazilR$316.70R$9,850.55R$316,702.57
Gold price in TurkeyTRY 1,165.91TRY 36,263.86TRY 1,165,910.25
Gold price in KuwaitKWD 18.921KWD 588.511KWD 18,921.077
Gold price in IranIRR 2,615,789IRR 81,360,118IRR 2,615,788,544
Gold price in AlgeriaDZD 8,408.25DZD 261,525.74DZD 8,408,247.65
Gold price in AustraliaA$86.54A$2,691.55A$86,535.49
Gold price in BahrainBHD 23.372BHD 726.939BHD 23,371.637
Gold price in EgyptEGP 1,852.30EGP 57,612.83EGP 1,852,295.64
Gold price in JordanJOD 43.966JOD 1,367.505JOD 43,966.322
Gold price in OmanOMR 23.867OMR 742.344OMR 23,866.901

Gold Price Performance USD

DateGold rateChange%
Saturday$1,927.96 $0.000%
Friday$1,927.96 $3.080.16%
Thursday$1,921.48 -$26.41-1.36%
Wednesday$1,946.83 $19.991.04%
Tuesday$1,929.88 -$4.22-0.22%
Monday$1,932.84 $5.980.31%
Sunday$1,929.62 $3.540.18%

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates in USD vs other currencies.
CurrencyUSD = ?? = USD
USD United States dollar$1.00$1.00
CAD Canadian dollarCA$1.33$0.75
GBP British pound£0.81$1.24
EUR Euro€0.92$1.09
RUB Russian rubleRUB 70.73$0.01
SAR Saudi riyalSAR 3.75$0.27
AED United Arab Emirates dirhamAED 3.67$0.27
INR Indian rupee₹81.51$0.01
IDR Indonesian rupiahIDR 14,972.70$0.00
KRW Won₩1,230$0.00
CNY Chinese yuanCN¥6.78$0.15
BRL Brazilian realR$5.11$0.20
TRY Turkish liraTRY 18.81$0.05
KWD Kuwaiti dinarKWD 0.305$3.28
IRR Iranian rialIRR 42,200$0.00
DZD Algerian dinarDZD 135.65$0.01
AUD Australian dollarA$1.40$0.72
BHD Bahraini dinarBHD 0.377$2.65
EGP Egyptian poundEGP 29.88$0.03
JOD Jordanian dinarJOD 0.709$1.41
OMR Omani rialOMR 0.385$2.60
New York City
New York Mercantile Exchange
Sunday, January 29, 2023
1:33:06 AM
London Bullion Market Association
Sunday, January 29, 2023
6:33:06 AM
Australian Securities Exchange
Sunday, January 29, 2023
5:33:06 PM
Hong Kong
Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society
Sunday, January 29, 2023
2:33:06 PM
Gold Pricing: How is it Determined?

The price of gold is determined by a variety of factors, including supply and demand, market conditions, and the overall level of economic activity. There is no single entity that determines the price of gold; rather, it is determined through the interactions of buyers and sellers on the gold market.

The spot price is determined by supply and demand on the global gold market. It is influenced by a variety of factors, including economic conditions, political developments, and market speculation.

Gold rates vs Exchange rates

Gold rates refer to the price of gold expressed in a particular currency, whereas exchange rates refer to the value of a currency relative to another currency.

Ounce as a Unit of Weight for Gold

An ounce of gold is a unit of weight used to measure the mass of precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. One ounce of gold is equal to approximately 31.1 grams. Gold is often bought and sold based on its weight in ounces, and the price of gold is typically quoted in terms of how much it costs per ounce.

The Meaning of Open, High, Low, and Close

The terms "open", "high", "low" and "close" refer to the prices at which gold is traded during a given period of time, usually a day.

By using these prices, you can gain a better understanding of how the gold market is doing and make more informed trading decisions.