Gold price todayGold price Today
12:24:02 AM NY Time
Sunday, January 29, 2023

Gold price today in Europe

$1.00 = €0.92
Sunday, January 29, 2023 Live
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In Europe, the current price of gold is 1,773.73 Euro per ounce. The price of gold per gram is 57.03 Euro. Today's highest gold price was 1,773.73 Euro, while the lowest was 1,773.73 Euro.

GoldEuroIn USDToday's change
24k 1Gram€57.03$61.99€0.00
22k 1Gram€52.27$56.82€0.00
21k 1Gram€49.90$54.24€0.00
18k 1Gram€42.77$46.49€0.00
14k 1Gram€33.27$36.16€0.00
10k 1Gram€23.76$25.83€0.00
100 Gram€5,702.67$6,198.55€0.00

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Gold price today in Europe

Gold rate in different countries

CountryCurrencyCurrency rate
Gram rateOunce rate
Gold price in United StatesUnited States dollar$1.09$61.99$1,927.96
Gold price in CanadaCanadian dollarCA$1.45CA$82.67CA$2,571.23
Gold price in United KingdomBritish pound£0.88£50.03£1,556.06
Gold price in EuropeEuro€1.00€57.03€1,773.73
Gold price in RussiaRussian rubleRUB 76.88RUB 4,384.08RUB 136,360.14
Gold price in Saudi ArabiaSaudi riyalSAR 4.08SAR 232.69SAR 7,237.46
Gold price in United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates dirhamAED 3.99AED 227.67AED 7,081.22
Gold price in IndiaIndian rupee₹88.60₹5,052.66₹157,155.26
Gold price in IndonesiaIndonesian rupiahIDR 16,274.67IDR 928,090.45IDR 28,866,839.64
Gold price in South KoreaWon₩1,337₩76,245₩2,371,493
Gold price in ChinaChinese yuanCN¥7.37CN¥420.48CN¥13,078.35
Gold price in BrazilBrazilian realR$5.55R$316.70R$9,850.55
Gold price in TurkeyTurkish liraTRY 20.44TRY 1,165.91TRY 36,263.86
Gold price in KuwaitKuwaiti dinarKWD 0.332KWD 18.921KWD 588.511
Gold price in IranIranian rialIRR 45,870IRR 2,615,789IRR 81,360,118
Gold price in AlgeriaAlgerian dinarDZD 147.44DZD 8,408.25DZD 261,525.74
Gold price in AustraliaAustralian dollarA$1.52A$86.54A$2,691.55
Gold price in BahrainBahraini dinarBHD 0.410BHD 23.372BHD 726.939
Gold price in EgyptEgyptian poundEGP 32.48EGP 1,852.30EGP 57,612.83
Gold price in GhanaGhanaian cediGHS 13.59GHS 775.06GHS 24,107.00
Gold price in IraqIraqi dinarIQD 8,653IQD 493,436IQD 15,347,564
Gold price in JordanJordanian dinarJOD 0.771JOD 43.966JOD 1,367.505
Gold price in LebanonLebanese poundLBP 1,648LBP 93,976LBP 2,922,986
Gold price in LibyaLibyan dinarLYD 5.166LYD 294.628LYD 9,163.945
Gold price in MexicoMexican pesoMX$20.41MX$1,163.98MX$36,203.71
Gold price in MoroccoMoroccan dirhamMAD 11.06MAD 630.66MAD 19,615.69
Gold price in OmanOmani rialOMR 0.419OMR 23.867OMR 742.344
Gold price in PakistanPakistani rupeePKR 285.71PKR 16,292.89PKR 506,765.57
Gold price in QatarQatari riyalQAR 3.96QAR 225.69QAR 7,019.72
Gold price in SingaporeSingapore dollarSGD 1.43SGD 81.46SGD 2,533.54
Gold price in South AfricaSouth African randZAR 18.70ZAR 1,066.41ZAR 33,168.96
Gold price in UzbekistanUzbekistani soʻmUZS 12,326.09UZS 702,915.70UZS 21,863,122.29
Gold price in YemenYemeni rialYER 272YER 15,521YER 482,769

Gold in the past days

DateCurrency rate
Gold rateChange%
Saturday, January 28, 2023€0.92€1,773.73 €0.000%
Friday, January 27, 2023€0.92€1,773.73 €2.840.16%
Thursday, January 26, 2023€0.92€1,768.24 -€24.31-1.36%
Wednesday, January 25, 2023€0.92€1,783.67 €18.311.04%
Tuesday, January 24, 2023€0.92€1,770.76 -€3.87-0.22%
Monday, January 23, 2023€0.92€1,777.15 €5.500.31%
Sunday, January 22, 2023€0.92€1,771.20 €3.250.18%
Saturday, January 21, 2023€0.92€1,770.84 €0.000%
Friday, January 20, 2023€0.92€1,770.84 -€1.45-0.08%
Thursday, January 19, 2023€0.92€1,777.23 €13.610.77%
Wednesday, January 18, 2023€0.93€1,768.88 €11.520.66%
Tuesday, January 17, 2023€0.93€1,762.97 -€10.90-0.61%
Monday, January 16, 2023€0.92€1,765.91 -€5.85-0.33%
Sunday, January 15, 2023€0.92€1,771.86 €2.270.13%