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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gold price on Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Change:$38.73 (1.67%)

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, the gold price was $2,353.19 per ounce. The price of gold per gram is $75.66. Today's highest gold price was $2,353.19, while the lowest was $2,308.04.

GoldOpenHighLowClose (Price)Change
24k 1Gram$74.41$75.66$74.21$75.66$1.25
22k 1Gram$68.21$69.35$68.02$69.35$1.14
21k 1Gram$65.11$66.20$64.93$66.20$1.09
18k 1Gram$55.81$56.74$55.65$56.74$0.93
14k 1Gram$43.41$44.13$43.29$44.13$0.73
10k 1Gram$31.00$31.52$30.92$31.52$0.52
100 Gram$7,441.18$7,565.68$7,420.51$7,565.68$124.50

Gold Performance on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Gold rate in different countries, Thursday, May 9, 2024

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, please keep in mind that the gold and currency rates listed below represent historical values as of Thursday, May 9, 2024.

CountryCurrency rate
Gram rateOunce rate
Gold price in United States$1.00$75.66$2,353.19
Gold price in CanadaCA$1.37CA$103.56CA$3,221.07
Gold price in United Kingdom£0.80£60.44£1,880.01
Gold price in Europe€0.93€70.20€2,183.53
Gold price in RussiaRUB 91.63RUB 6,932.43RUB 215,622.81
Gold price in Saudi ArabiaSAR 3.75SAR 283.75SAR 8,825.50
Gold price in United Arab EmiratesAED 3.67AED 277.89AED 8,643.27
Gold price in India₹83.48₹6,316.10₹196,452.78
Gold price in IndonesiaIDR 16,036.60IDR 1,213,278.16IDR 37,737,169.09
Gold price in South Korea₩1,369₩103,562₩3,221,135
Gold price in ChinaCN¥7.22CN¥546.62CN¥17,001.80
Gold price in BrazilR$5.14R$389.05R$12,100.81
Gold price in TurkeyTRY 32.26TRY 2,440.83TRY 75,918.39
Gold price in KuwaitKWD 0.308KWD 23.267KWD 723.677
Gold price in IranIRR 42,075IRR 3,183,261IRR 99,010,476
Gold price in AlgeriaDZD 134.41DZD 10,169.08DZD 316,293.70
Gold price in AustraliaA$1.51A$114.53A$3,562.33
Gold price in BahrainBHD 0.377BHD 28.521BHD 887.106
Gold price in EgyptEGP 47.40EGP 3,586.10EGP 111,540.04
Gold price in GhanaGHS 13.89GHS 1,051.05GHS 32,691.22
Gold price in IraqIQD 1,305IQD 98,703IQD 3,070,000
Gold price in JordanJOD 0.709JOD 53.626JOD 1,667.941
Gold price in LebanonLBP 89,180LBP 6,747,066LBP 209,857,220
Gold price in LibyaLYD 4.840LYD 366.158LYD 11,388.781
Gold price in MexicoMX$16.80MX$1,270.94MX$39,530.77
Gold price in MoroccoMAD 10.01MAD 757.64MAD 23,565.20
Gold price in OmanOMR 0.385OMR 29.115OMR 905.578
Gold price in PakistanPKR 277.50PKR 20,994.65PKR 653,006.52
Gold price in QatarQAR 3.64QAR 275.43QAR 8,566.79
Gold price in SingaporeSGD 1.35SGD 102.41SGD 3,185.25
Gold price in South AfricaZAR 18.50ZAR 1,399.88ZAR 43,541.24
Gold price in UzbekistanUZS 12,642.57UZS 956,496.99UZS 29,750,381.80
Gold price in YemenYER 250YER 18,948YER 589,357